Monday, 16 June 2008

NEW Sock Monkey Pattern Make Your Own Sock Monkey!!

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So many people have asked me over the years " How do you make your Sock Monkeys??" i could only direct them to a very simple well used pattern that is very basic,frustrating and complicated! It took me AGES to learn with many failures! BUT...and with thanks to my very good friend who is brilliant beautiful and clever ( you know who you are! ) she was able to help me devise my very own sock monkey pattern! And its been a long time coming lol! So here it is just for you !! , a step by step guide with photographs included throughout of me making my monkey and talking through the process as i work! It really couldnt get much more simple than this!!
Now anyone can enjoy making their own unique sock monkey with this pattern! You can purchase my pattern above on the link to my shop :)USA $9.00 GBP £4.50 plus postage
Sock Monkey Kit
I am also introducing another kit,message me through my shop if interested,i am willing to give you one of my patterns,and make all the parts for you at home and post to you ready to fill and sew yourself! I will mail you some patterns i have and will let you choose which you like then make the parts and post to you ! :)

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sock Monkeys Made By Me

Sock Monkey Jungle