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Happy Valentines Day Darling...Is It Bedtime Yet??!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Now Open My UK Sock Monkey Jungle SDhop For All You Monkey Luvvin Peoples!

Come check out my new website Uk!!! International postage available too!
Sock Monkey Jungle UK

Star Wars Sock Monkey Card and Matching Gift Tag May The Force be With You Jedis

Designed with the help of a 9yr old boy....its just got to be cooool!! hee hee!
Sock Monkey Jungle

Who Could Love A Duck Sock Monkey Like This???

Just too cute! Paul Frank Sock Monkey ! Come visit us today and collect your free smile! Sock Monkey Jungle

New! PDF Digital Delivery How To Make A Sock Monkey Instruction Pattern Photographic Illustrations Easy Step by Step

Yes its been a while coming but now available is the new email digital delivery of my cool Sock Monkey pattern yay!! Illustrated step by step couldnt be easier ! Just $6.00 ! yeeehaw!! Lets make monkeys!
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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Make Friends With Me On Facebook! :O)

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Nw Sock Monkey Card and Matching Gift Tag

This is a pretty Sock Monkey Card with a matching Gift Tag ! The edges are lace effect with pretty flowered border beneath and with polkadot ribbon and a sprinkle of glitter with flower embellishments, the matching tag has a shining star, glitter and matching polkadot ribbon Soooo Cute!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Sock Monkey Ipod Camera MP3 Phone Mobile Cell Phone Sock Case Cosy

Sock Monkey Ipod Camera Sock Case Cosy ! Cute! yellow green blue purple cerise stripes with sock monkey applique and navy blue and light blue dangling pompoms!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Things That Make You Go Ooooh!!!

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Its Time You Admitted To Yourself You Really Want A Sock Monkey...Its Ok I Understand Here You Go!!

Hook Me Up Anywhere Sock Monkey Large!! Handmade!

Sock Monkey Jugle The Place Where Little Sock Monkey Characters Are Born!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Adorable Trinette Cheer Leader Sock Monkey Unique Unpredictable Gifts and More!!!

Oh your adorable....Trinette is a cheery cute and adorable Sock Monkey.She is a cheerleader,her name if French meaning * Little Innocent* She is dressed in her fine pleated skirt with matching top, she has her pretty matching hairbows too! Trinette comes with pompoms and a flag to wave also a megaphone! She is approx 18" height with a friendly smile and cute button eyes, so cute!
Find Trinette and More Gorgeous Sock Monkeys at Sock Monkey Jungle USA or my UK Website!
Sock Monkey Jungle USA
Sock Monkey Jungle UK

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sock Monkeys To Love and Adopt Handmade From The Heart

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Sock Money Jungle Click To Enter


Due to demand you can now purchase my fabby kits and sock monkey patterns that can now be delivered direct to your door! International postage welcome! Please visit my sites and buy one today! :O)

Sock Monkey Jungle Uk Website Click To Enter Here!!!

Sock Monkey Jungle USA At Etsy Click Here To Enter!!

Enjoy our Visit!! x

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sock Monkey Pattern and Kit ! Easy Step by Step Unique Gift and Fun!

So now its here my special Sock Monkey Kit and Pattern too!! Its not easy to make a sock monkey but it is now!! Here i have my Sock Monkey Pattern which is illustrated throughout showing step by step easy to follow instructions on how to make a Sock Monkey with all the parts already made for you! All you will need it some toy stuffing and a couple of buttons,needle and thread and you are ready to get going! If you have a certain type of style you would like i can send you a picture via email of what socks are available as of today :O) You can purchase my kits and patterns here at this link for the usa and international postage Sock Monkey Jungle INTERNATIONAL OR here at this link for my uk website!
Sock Monkey Jungle Uk

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I Want To Be A Reindeer Said The Sock Monkey

Here for your consideration is an adorable little sock monkey........ooooops!!! shhhhh i mean reindeer!! ( he wants to be known as a reindeer so please dont call him sock monkey i have had 2 outbursts of crying already today lol ) sooo, here is ( pretending ) a little reindeer, he is soft and cuddly cute wearing a little velvet suit with hood and antlers attatched ( ermmm i mean growning! ) and the front has a little zip, the suit is washable at low temperatures.He has cute button eyes and a lovely smile although those eyebrows look a bit pleading i must admit, i think its his strong feelings being expressed to show how he seriously feels about being a reindeer. The third picture without his hood on is not so great because he was fighting me to keep it on, hes so fiesty!...but happy to say we got there in the end :O) i hope you like him! x Sock Monkey Jungle

Update About Dads Heart Attack

If anyone out there read about my dad and his heart attack last week and my whining about how crap the council are at Wakefield i just thought i would pop in an update.Dads still in hospital,the tube they used to unblock his artery got a blood clot formed and its infected, he has low blood pressure and having dizzy spells, the doctor said thats from the infection and gave him antibiotics.He was due to go for a scan on the 24th which he has now had and heyho they have now foung gallstones in his stomache so he is still stuck in a hospital bed and boy is he bored lol! He keeps texting me on his mobile just chit chatting and staying positive, i said dad when you have had this full service done at the hospital you will have gained more years to live lol we both cheered he he.Well it looks like its going to be a glum christmas because sales in my shop are slow and i have just emptied my bank account to buy dad a lovely comfortable new suite for him to lay down and recover on for when he gets home and for when he goes back for his second operation and comes home too!It dont matter much to me about christmas this year, hopefuly i will have many more to come but what was important was my dad was ok and comfortable.He still has no furniture the ouncil have not brought it back and its been 3 weeks now...buggers! Im going to give them another ring today.They even took his pyjamas and dressing gown so i had to buy more.Heyho and fiddledeedo! will update again when more news arrives thanks for listening x

Another update
Thet released him tuesday afternoon.He had another heartattack wednesday evening,rushed him back in.He is being moved from wakefield to pontefract back onto the ward he was on before. :o( Yhey say he has some damage from the last heartattack and more from this one.Hes weak,he has damaged blood cells which is common to happen after a heart attack,he has a low blood count,i feel useless,worried and scared.I cant concentrate on my daily tasks,cant sleep and eating just enough to keep my diabetes at bay.Looking out of the window here at my desk and its dark,poring with rain, it resembles how my heart feels. :( i will travel to see him saturday the only day my husband has off work,will update again soon.x

Update 3rd December
Dad still resting, he is weak because his blood count is even lower then before.He has been told now that the other two tubes that were 60% and 40% blocked are now 90% and 60% blocked hes been getting chest pains so they are moving him to Leeds General ready to operate as he is at risk even more than he was when he was sent home :O( He made a new friend whilst he has been in recovery, a gentleman in the next bed to him, he died lastnight so its really scared and upset dad.God bless him,i hope they operate soon! I am traveling to Yorkshire tomorrow to go visit him once they get him to leeds and settled. will update again soon x
Update 5th December
We travelled to Yorkshire today to visit my dad, the weather was not too nice, the motorway was busy and it was raining, cant deny i was scared, large lorries with splashbacks hitting the windowscreens and thumping rain continued all the way there.But it was worth it to see dad stand up and greet us by his hospital bed, just wonderful! I took him Horlicks for his night time drinks, some homemade cake i had made and a calendar for next year with all my sock monkeys on, he was tickled pink with the calendar, so proud and chuckling, it was so nice to hear him laugh as he flicked through the months on the calendar each having a sock monkey photo on :O) Tomorrow he is being moved to Leeds General to have another operation, his tube to his heart will be cleared,i will be edgy all day i know it! I hope and pray all goes well..........
another update.....
dad is home now and resting, fingers crossed he will regain his strenth to live life to the fullest :O) xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Dad Had an Heart attack The Council Sucks!!!

I dont know why i am blogging about this really, i think possibly because writing about iot may help and someone may take warning from it to help them too.I spent 14hrs by my dads side,hes 72,been living alone and struggling.The council decided to upgrade the houses where he lives.For 13 weeks they were in and out of his home from 8am on a morning ( stupid time! ) they moved almost all his furniture out because they needed * space * to work.They were putting in central heating,re wiring,bathroom and windows and other bits.They took his suite away aswell and it all went somewhere in storage.For 12 weeks he was sat on a deckchair, if i had known i would have got at least an armchair for him but family didnt tell me and i live miles away :( so i visited him 2 weeks ago and he had purchased a hard 2 seater setee something to * sit on * it was rock hard and ugly and had rips in it.Hes not a well man.He was taken advantage of.The council finished work 2 weeks ago and his furniture is not back yet still.He had an heart attack.I spent 14hrs with him until he got the ok clear.There are 3 main arteries leading to your heart,one of those were fully blocked,he was rushed to one hospital,then rushed to another hospital 3/4hr away,he could have died in that time,he had to go where help and equipment was to be operated on,bloody goverment cutbacks!They operated and thankfuly cleared the blockage,he has to recover and then go back because the other 2 tubes are blocked one 60% and one 40% , why are they blocked? because he smokes :O( it aint worth it.....the council still have not finished their jobs at his house theres seals missing and no keys for the windows,hes got holes from the outside looking in in his walls,hes got all sorts of unfinished jobs that they just couldnt be assed to tidy up properly or fix right.hes home in a couple of days, he stresses and worries,Why would they leave a 72yr old man sat out in the garden on a deckchair whilst the council do their work? its so cruel.Why dont they provide an hotel or furnish a house to move families in until the works over?! my brother had his house done too,he lived in his bedroom with his wife and 2 kids,this is WAKEFIELD COUNCIL for you! they didnt give enough money to redecorate or get carpets or anything it all sucks.So my dad had the worry of replacing carpets and decorating equipment and cleaning the mess and hiring a decorator and hes not the the cash for it.cruel all just so cruel for 13weeks and more.I am trying to raise the cash to get him a sofa to lay on for when he gets out of hospital so he can at least nap when he is weak and tierd, this two seater sofa is going to the tip its awful.Hes back in hospital in 4 weeks for another operation,I was really scared.When the house was empty and i went to get personal belongings to take to the hospital i really looked at what my dad has,nothing of value,nothing special apart from his photographs and a framed picture of mum.He raised 5 kids,hes nothing to show for all the years work he did raising us all.I love my dad, i just want to say take a look at what your parents have or need and if in any way you can help them you should,however much you are struggling if you can help you really should,because you can spend a long time afterwards when they are gone thinking * i should have done this * thats too late.They wanted to fit new units etc in dads kitchen,he said no....he had just had enough.I think the council had a lot to do with dads heart attack,he smokes yea but he was put under a lot of stress and inconvenience and felt very sad and worried about it all.Just airing how i feel, i dont think anyone will really read this anyway x

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Elton John Sock Monkey

Please meet our new addition to Sock monkey Jungle Elton John ! Hope you like him! x

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Elton John Sock Monkey Arriving Tomorrow yeehaw!!

Tomorrow i will be listing my new Elton John Sock Monkey in my shop ! Watch this space for the new listing and pictures :O)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Places to advertise handmade crafts

Here's a list of website for promoting, networking or selling your handmade goods.

Monday, 10 November 2008

My Stinky Birthday :O)!!

Ok so yesterday was my birthday ( i couldnt blog yesterday i was too busy enjoying lol! ) so now i am officialy 44yrs young and i dont feel no different not that i was expecting to wake up with a arrow stuck to my forhead or anything? ya know ...with the words she 44 ha ha ha written on it and a flashing light bulb! So my day was nice but kinda too quiet because my man was working all day so i walked downstairs and put the kettle on with only one eye open and just happened to glance through the serving hatch and there on the table were two yes two bunches of flowers ( why do men always use your mixing jugs and gravy jugs to stick your flowers in when they know you have 4 vases in the house?!) anyway they were pretty :O) The doorbell rings, i awnswer still dressed in my pjs with hair like medusa and lastnights eyelash still on my eyes only not looking quite as pretty as it did yesterday ha!...why the heck do postmen come so early arrgh! they look so healthy and have walked about 30 streets already and my kettle aint even boiled yet arrrgh,,,so anyway there is a delivery of another bunch of flowers from my son yeehaw! So yea i had to dig out those vases and cut and put them all in water i have more vases of flowers here than i had on my wedding day lol but hey it looks sweet! And so i open all my cards and gratefuly some were bought handmade just as i always like to those who know me lol and i open some jewelery and a jewelery box and socks and earrings wow im loved :OD my most special gift was my badge maker yay! so i can now give gifts to my customers in their packages,typicaly i like to create and if it males a customer smile then thats what i wanted a badge maker and i love it! We went to dinner at a nearby country pub which was a carvery and we all had a great time and a really good belly laugh! Although i shall always live with the regret i didnt order chocolate pudding...i forgot bwahahaah! Next time!! So this was my day, and it was gooood! I woke up this morning and my really really posh socks which are gorgeous i wanted to wear because my feet were so cold, went to get them and someone had knocked them off the chair and my dog decided to drag them in his bed and sleep on them and now they look beautiful but stink like a rats nest! damn dawg!!! off to hand wash them now...walks off in a grumpy state to kitchen sink....*waves* with half a smile on my face grumbling something about how how high in my good books my dog is today plus some other not so nice words but i will miss that bit out for now...yea you guessed it lol

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Jewelery Winner this month is SoapyChica !! There will be More!!

The lovely SoapyChica is the winner of her favourite item from my jewelery store JTsBoutique
She chose this bracelet Purple Spritz and it will be on the way soon!! Thankyou for the 14 that entered please do try again soon as i will be giving another free gift away so follow me right at the bottom of this blog to be notified!!! Also a free Sock Monkey will be coming soon!! :OP

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

How To Make A Sock Monkey Instruction Pattern Photographic Illustrations Easy Step by Step

Learning how to make sock monkeys can sometimes be daunting with todays instructions available,they are basic and confusing i know! Due to being asked many times how i make my monkeys i have devised this great easy to follow pattern!! This has been created to help you be successful and enjoy your unique sock monkey,it is my walk through instruction package which is made with photographic details throughout showing you how i make a sock monkeys in an easy to follow step by step pattern guide,the pictures included are showing details as i work through making a monkey step by step,it could not get much easier than this! All you need is threads,socks and filling and 2 buttons and with this pattern to guide you through you will very soon be on your way on your way to making a great fun and handmade by you cute sock monkey, in your own style and your own preferences!So lets get going!!
Collect Your Pattern Here!

Copyright © J.Thirsk Intellectual Property Office UK All rights reserved.
PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE FOR PERSONAL USE, ONLY.Copyright © J.Thirsk Intellectual Property Office UK All rights reserved

Sunday, 2 November 2008

My First Talking Sock Monkey!! Woohoo!!! Support handmade!!

And so here she is my very first talking Sock Monkey!! Find her on Sock Monkey Jungle!
Beautiful talking sock monkey, for the first time and new! ! Press her hand and she will talk to you ! She is wearing her very modern outfit, embroidered gold flowers are on her jeans with back pockets and an opening for her tail to poke through, she is also wearing her new fashionable gold silk top to match her jeans, and for the first time a sock monkey with glasses ( real glass, parental guidance advised, althpough these are removable ! ) she has a beautiful golden head ribbon and has a great smile with warm friendly cute button eyes! This would make an ideal gift!
The words this sock monkey says are;
*I love You"
*Lets hugg*
*Whats your name?*
*Give me a cuddle*
*Your my best friend*

Thursday, 30 October 2008



Oh Arrrrr Matey Its A Pirate Sock Monkey Well Shivver Me Timbers

Isnt he just awesome he he he ! You can find him and more at this link! Sock Monkey Jungle

Sock Monkey Kits ! New !

Gday to you all :O) !!
I have now started making premade sock monkey kits yeehaw! I have been listing different types of socks that the customer can choose from to suit their own style, i can also send a photo to a customer of the many different styles i have available and i physicaly pre make your Sock Monkey Parts ready for you to stuff and put together ! I also include my sock monkey pattern which give photographic step by step details of how to make a monkey yourself from scratch so you can get adventurous and start gift giving yay! Visit my shop for more ! Sock Monkey Jungle

Friday, 24 October 2008

Dont Monkey Around Christmas Is Coming ! Sock Monkey Jungle

Dont be worrying about posting times for those unique and unpredictable Christmas Gifts! Sock Monkey Jungle has new items ready to go to make someone you care for very happy on Christmas Day! Please visit Sock Monkey Jungle!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Prices Reduced On Sock Monkey Jungle Yeeehaw!! ☆☆♡ NEW PRICES REFLECTING THE CREDIT CRUNCH !!! ♡☆☆

Please Visit Sock Monkey Jungle

Lower than ever!! Every little helps :O)

Little Lord Fontague From Buckinghamshire Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey Jungle
Lord Fontague is a spiffing chap, from the country you know, Buckinghamshire to be exact! He is very handsome and looking very smart in his tweed country outfit consisting of white shirt with high collar,yellow waistcoat with buttons,a tie, cord trousers and his tweed coat with lapels and pockets,also included is his bag with buckle fastener and long handle, and to top off his outfit is his matching tweed hat that can be worn anyway you like! All clothes are washable with velcro fastenings,washing at 30degrees or handwash :O)
Lord Fontague has a friendly smile and adorable brown eyes,he is just longing to be placed in a loving home,preferbly with land and horses and children,also jeeps and hunting grounds,fresh fruits and champagne, you know all the usual stuff,but he has been spoken to and told he may just get a shelf to sit on,so hes ok with that also so long as he is granted love and maybe an odd kiss here or there from a nice friendly female :OD
Thanks for looking !!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Happy Birthday Sock Monkey With Cakes lol!

Just handmade and for sale at Sock Monkey Jungle ! So cute!

Happy Birthday Sock Monkey would make a deighful keepsake gift, such a great smile and very cute button eyes!He is wearing a party hat with streamers, a bow tie and holding a handknitted cupcake,chocolate doughnut and a battenburg cake, also a shimmering parcel with ribbon and a tag attatched with the words * Happy Birthday To You * Sure to bring a happy birthday smile from anyone who would own this delightful little chap!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jacinta Sock Monkey With Long Brushable Hair Name Meaning Beautiful

Today i finished making this very lovely sock monkey, i love that she has funky colourful hair and its so much fun that you can pretty her up even more with different styles and add adornements! I hope you like her too ! Please visit me at Sock Monkey Jungle

Jewelery Giveaway!!! Just Post To Win!

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Just pick one item from my store and leave a comment here and you could be the winner of that item!! woohooo!
Closes november 9th winner chosen will be notified ! Good luck!!

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Sock Monkey Disco!! Join Us! Ohhhh Yeah!!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

OMG!! Sock Monkey With Hair!!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Good to see you! Well what do you think i have made my very first hair raising sock monkey...literaly lol! Yes she has long beautiful hair which can be brushed, stlye and fancied up with ribbons,clippies,slides whatever!............i hope you like her! You can see more at my shop here Sock Monkey Jungle

Sunday, 5 October 2008

American Football Sock Monkey

Hello everyone! Today i made this cutie so i thought i would pop on over to blog him! Hope you like him! :O)
More at Sock Monkey Jungle

Sunday, 28 September 2008

icklebutt The Friendly Sock Monkey Elf New!

Hello i just thought i would share with you todays new creation icklebutt! i hope you like him hes a very friendly elf ! To see more visit my shop! Sock Monkey Jungle

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bride and Groom Wedding sock Monkeys!

Newly listed this fab pair of bride and Groom Sock Monkeys! Handmade with love from my heart to your shop....come visit more!! at Sock Monkey Jungle

Friday, 19 September 2008

Big Don The Builder Sock Monkey

Big Don can be found here at Sock Monkey Jungle

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Monkey Musings-Weird and Awesome Trade

Two Annies For Two Jans
Something wonderful happened this week that really made my week happy happy! There i was sat in the chatroom just lazily browsing and posting the odd remark half in the room and the other half of me thinking about sock monkeys and housework lol,but to my pleasure i got chatting to another sock monkey maker who complimented me on my work which was really nice, so i goes and clicks to look at her shop and thought wow shes a good sock monkey maker! ( i mean the real McCoy like meeee! lol ! ) she was really lovely and she asked if i would like to trade sometime, oh well now...there was this one monkey i loved called Annie....oh yessss i could love her i i agreed to trade...which one would you like to trade for i asked her? " Your Annie Oakley " she the deal was struck right then ! We exchanged emails and it turned out her name was Jan too same as me weird!! We both are dedicated sock monkey makers, we are both called Jan and we both traded eachother for hers and mine Annie Sock Monkeys ha ha !! Destiny, eerie,circumstantial ?? Just awesome! lol !
For all the time i have made sock monkeys never have i owned one of my own, i have waited and been looking for 2yrs to find one i would and could actualy love and this week i found her thanks to Jan being in the right place at the right time yeeeehaw!
So my Annie was posted to me from Jan and i posted my Annie to Jan...Two Annies for two Jans lol.
Its just wonderful to find someone who is as dedicated to monkey making as i i KNOW im not the only crazy monkey mad lady on the planet lol! My monkeys are cute and funky and Jans are the traditional fun cute type,my theme is Sock Monkey Jungle and Jans theme is Sock Monkey Ranch, even though they are totaly different we both love what we do and we both love eachothers work, i think a friendship has struck open here please meet the two Annies we traded for, i hope to get lots of pictures on mine and my Annies travels, she will be loved dearly :) I think my Annie Oakley will fit in well on the Ranch at Jans place dont you, she was postedin a large box even though shes little just to protect her cowgirl hat lol....i hope Jan loves her !!! x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sock Monkey Jungle

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Monday, 8 September 2008

How To Make A Sock Monkey Pattern New!!

Sock Monkey Jungle Sock Monkey Pattern and Sock Monkeys!

After a lot of deliberation and people asking me over the year * How do you make your Sock Monkeys?" with help from a friend i am now able to present with pride my new Easy to follow step by step guide to help you make your own sock monkey yay! This pattern has photographic step by step easy instructions it really could not be more simple than this! These make fab fun gifts as well as being fun to make you can use them for special personal gift giving yourself or why not make your own unique sock monkey for you to love!? To buy a pattern and view Sock Monkeys on sale too visit this link Enjoy! :O)
Sock Monkey Pattern Buy Here and Now!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Princess Lilliana Sock Monkey

Hi all! Just thought i would bring Princess Lilliana to meet you all hope you like her! More Sock Monkeys can be seen at Sock Monkey Jungle

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sock Monkey Supplier For The Stars !

I was so excited this morning to wake up to an order for my Emo Sock Monkey to be posted to the beautiful and talented Fern Cotton X Factor Presenter TV Personality and Radio1 DJ to her London Radio Station....i hope she likes him! My handmade Sock Monkey Emo is above for you to see! Yay!! :OD
Come Visit Sock Monkey Jungle!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

New!! King and Queen Of Sock Monkey Jungle

My new listing this week King and Queen of Sock Monkey Jungle
Come visit !
Sock Monkey Jungle

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Etsy :: SunnysWoodnGifts :: Hand Painted - Wooden Key Chain - Sweet Orange Kitty Painted on Bright White

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Etsy :: SunnysWoodnGifts :: Hand Painted - Wooden Key Chain - Sweet Orange Kitty Painted on Bright White

I have this keyring on my handbag...i also own the most beautiful vase by this seller which is gorgeously handpainted and she is such a dedicated and awesome lady why not pop by and take a look im sure you will find some cutness overload and beautiful gift ideas unique at affordable prices!! :)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Todays Musings Twice The Pain

Todays Thoughts Working With Disabilities
Today i sat thinking to myself about just how long it took me to make the Sock Monkey in the above picture....HOURS!!! My hands are arthritic and they are taking me so much longer to make than they used to , because of the tedious sewing involved and gripping and pulling at the needle in small steps and stages, so much so that it hurts.Some would say stop what you are doing but it gives me so much joy once a monkey is complete i just cant! I also guess its a form of therapy for the hands as well as the mind lol ! I have so much respect and admiration for anyone that tries to continue through everyday tasks and hobbies it takes twice as long to do/make things and i never really realised the pain they must endeavour until now! Just my thoughts for today :) x

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Monkey Madness