Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Dad Had an Heart attack The Council Sucks!!!

I dont know why i am blogging about this really, i think possibly because writing about iot may help and someone may take warning from it to help them too.I spent 14hrs by my dads side,hes 72,been living alone and struggling.The council decided to upgrade the houses where he lives.For 13 weeks they were in and out of his home from 8am on a morning ( stupid time! ) they moved almost all his furniture out because they needed * space * to work.They were putting in central heating,re wiring,bathroom and windows and other bits.They took his suite away aswell and it all went somewhere in storage.For 12 weeks he was sat on a deckchair, if i had known i would have got at least an armchair for him but family didnt tell me and i live miles away :( so i visited him 2 weeks ago and he had purchased a hard 2 seater setee something to * sit on * it was rock hard and ugly and had rips in it.Hes not a well man.He was taken advantage of.The council finished work 2 weeks ago and his furniture is not back yet still.He had an heart attack.I spent 14hrs with him until he got the ok clear.There are 3 main arteries leading to your heart,one of those were fully blocked,he was rushed to one hospital,then rushed to another hospital 3/4hr away,he could have died in that time,he had to go where help and equipment was to be operated on,bloody goverment cutbacks!They operated and thankfuly cleared the blockage,he has to recover and then go back because the other 2 tubes are blocked one 60% and one 40% , why are they blocked? because he smokes :O( it aint worth it.....the council still have not finished their jobs at his house theres seals missing and no keys for the windows,hes got holes from the outside looking in in his walls,hes got all sorts of unfinished jobs that they just couldnt be assed to tidy up properly or fix right.hes home in a couple of days, he stresses and worries,Why would they leave a 72yr old man sat out in the garden on a deckchair whilst the council do their work? its so cruel.Why dont they provide an hotel or furnish a house to move families in until the works over?! my brother had his house done too,he lived in his bedroom with his wife and 2 kids,this is WAKEFIELD COUNCIL for you! they didnt give enough money to redecorate or get carpets or anything it all sucks.So my dad had the worry of replacing carpets and decorating equipment and cleaning the mess and hiring a decorator and hes not the the cash for it.cruel all just so cruel for 13weeks and more.I am trying to raise the cash to get him a sofa to lay on for when he gets out of hospital so he can at least nap when he is weak and tierd, this two seater sofa is going to the tip its awful.Hes back in hospital in 4 weeks for another operation,I was really scared.When the house was empty and i went to get personal belongings to take to the hospital i really looked at what my dad has,nothing of value,nothing special apart from his photographs and a framed picture of mum.He raised 5 kids,hes nothing to show for all the years work he did raising us all.I love my dad, i just want to say take a look at what your parents have or need and if in any way you can help them you should,however much you are struggling if you can help you really should,because you can spend a long time afterwards when they are gone thinking * i should have done this * thats too late.They wanted to fit new units etc in dads kitchen,he said no....he had just had enough.I think the council had a lot to do with dads heart attack,he smokes yea but he was put under a lot of stress and inconvenience and felt very sad and worried about it all.Just airing how i feel, i dont think anyone will really read this anyway x


Grooveycrafts said...

A huge hug from me, that is really awful of the council