Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Update About Dads Heart Attack

If anyone out there read about my dad and his heart attack last week and my whining about how crap the council are at Wakefield i just thought i would pop in an update.Dads still in hospital,the tube they used to unblock his artery got a blood clot formed and its infected, he has low blood pressure and having dizzy spells, the doctor said thats from the infection and gave him antibiotics.He was due to go for a scan on the 24th which he has now had and heyho they have now foung gallstones in his stomache so he is still stuck in a hospital bed and boy is he bored lol! He keeps texting me on his mobile just chit chatting and staying positive, i said dad when you have had this full service done at the hospital you will have gained more years to live lol we both cheered he he.Well it looks like its going to be a glum christmas because sales in my shop are slow and i have just emptied my bank account to buy dad a lovely comfortable new suite for him to lay down and recover on for when he gets home and for when he goes back for his second operation and comes home too!It dont matter much to me about christmas this year, hopefuly i will have many more to come but what was important was my dad was ok and comfortable.He still has no furniture the ouncil have not brought it back and its been 3 weeks now...buggers! Im going to give them another ring today.They even took his pyjamas and dressing gown so i had to buy more.Heyho and fiddledeedo! will update again when more news arrives thanks for listening x

Another update
Thet released him tuesday afternoon.He had another heartattack wednesday evening,rushed him back in.He is being moved from wakefield to pontefract back onto the ward he was on before. :o( Yhey say he has some damage from the last heartattack and more from this one.Hes weak,he has damaged blood cells which is common to happen after a heart attack,he has a low blood count,i feel useless,worried and scared.I cant concentrate on my daily tasks,cant sleep and eating just enough to keep my diabetes at bay.Looking out of the window here at my desk and its dark,poring with rain, it resembles how my heart feels. :( i will travel to see him saturday the only day my husband has off work,will update again soon.x

Update 3rd December
Dad still resting, he is weak because his blood count is even lower then before.He has been told now that the other two tubes that were 60% and 40% blocked are now 90% and 60% blocked hes been getting chest pains so they are moving him to Leeds General ready to operate as he is at risk even more than he was when he was sent home :O( He made a new friend whilst he has been in recovery, a gentleman in the next bed to him, he died lastnight so its really scared and upset dad.God bless him,i hope they operate soon! I am traveling to Yorkshire tomorrow to go visit him once they get him to leeds and settled. will update again soon x
Update 5th December
We travelled to Yorkshire today to visit my dad, the weather was not too nice, the motorway was busy and it was raining, cant deny i was scared, large lorries with splashbacks hitting the windowscreens and thumping rain continued all the way there.But it was worth it to see dad stand up and greet us by his hospital bed, just wonderful! I took him Horlicks for his night time drinks, some homemade cake i had made and a calendar for next year with all my sock monkeys on, he was tickled pink with the calendar, so proud and chuckling, it was so nice to hear him laugh as he flicked through the months on the calendar each having a sock monkey photo on :O) Tomorrow he is being moved to Leeds General to have another operation, his tube to his heart will be cleared,i will be edgy all day i know it! I hope and pray all goes well..........
another update.....
dad is home now and resting, fingers crossed he will regain his strenth to live life to the fullest :O) xx


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I will keep you and him in prayer!

Love your Sock Monkeys! They're wonderful!

Grooveycrafts said...

Oh no! With your blog not showing up on my blog list I didn't come across this post earlier.

Thats so awful and hopefully he is still on the mend. I can imagine how he must be feeling... more then anything I was starving since the food was never so great. I'll pop back soon to read updates