Monday, 10 November 2008

My Stinky Birthday :O)!!

Ok so yesterday was my birthday ( i couldnt blog yesterday i was too busy enjoying lol! ) so now i am officialy 44yrs young and i dont feel no different not that i was expecting to wake up with a arrow stuck to my forhead or anything? ya know ...with the words she 44 ha ha ha written on it and a flashing light bulb! So my day was nice but kinda too quiet because my man was working all day so i walked downstairs and put the kettle on with only one eye open and just happened to glance through the serving hatch and there on the table were two yes two bunches of flowers ( why do men always use your mixing jugs and gravy jugs to stick your flowers in when they know you have 4 vases in the house?!) anyway they were pretty :O) The doorbell rings, i awnswer still dressed in my pjs with hair like medusa and lastnights eyelash still on my eyes only not looking quite as pretty as it did yesterday ha!...why the heck do postmen come so early arrgh! they look so healthy and have walked about 30 streets already and my kettle aint even boiled yet arrrgh,,,so anyway there is a delivery of another bunch of flowers from my son yeehaw! So yea i had to dig out those vases and cut and put them all in water i have more vases of flowers here than i had on my wedding day lol but hey it looks sweet! And so i open all my cards and gratefuly some were bought handmade just as i always like to those who know me lol and i open some jewelery and a jewelery box and socks and earrings wow im loved :OD my most special gift was my badge maker yay! so i can now give gifts to my customers in their packages,typicaly i like to create and if it males a customer smile then thats what i wanted a badge maker and i love it! We went to dinner at a nearby country pub which was a carvery and we all had a great time and a really good belly laugh! Although i shall always live with the regret i didnt order chocolate pudding...i forgot bwahahaah! Next time!! So this was my day, and it was gooood! I woke up this morning and my really really posh socks which are gorgeous i wanted to wear because my feet were so cold, went to get them and someone had knocked them off the chair and my dog decided to drag them in his bed and sleep on them and now they look beautiful but stink like a rats nest! damn dawg!!! off to hand wash them now...walks off in a grumpy state to kitchen sink....*waves* with half a smile on my face grumbling something about how how high in my good books my dog is today plus some other not so nice words but i will miss that bit out for now...yea you guessed it lol


LeelaBijou said...

Although it was two days ago: Happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day! ^_^

Chelsea Ling said...

great blog!