Thursday, 18 September 2008

Monkey Musings-Weird and Awesome Trade

Two Annies For Two Jans
Something wonderful happened this week that really made my week happy happy! There i was sat in the chatroom just lazily browsing and posting the odd remark half in the room and the other half of me thinking about sock monkeys and housework lol,but to my pleasure i got chatting to another sock monkey maker who complimented me on my work which was really nice, so i goes and clicks to look at her shop and thought wow shes a good sock monkey maker! ( i mean the real McCoy like meeee! lol ! ) she was really lovely and she asked if i would like to trade sometime, oh well now...there was this one monkey i loved called Annie....oh yessss i could love her i i agreed to trade...which one would you like to trade for i asked her? " Your Annie Oakley " she the deal was struck right then ! We exchanged emails and it turned out her name was Jan too same as me weird!! We both are dedicated sock monkey makers, we are both called Jan and we both traded eachother for hers and mine Annie Sock Monkeys ha ha !! Destiny, eerie,circumstantial ?? Just awesome! lol !
For all the time i have made sock monkeys never have i owned one of my own, i have waited and been looking for 2yrs to find one i would and could actualy love and this week i found her thanks to Jan being in the right place at the right time yeeeehaw!
So my Annie was posted to me from Jan and i posted my Annie to Jan...Two Annies for two Jans lol.
Its just wonderful to find someone who is as dedicated to monkey making as i i KNOW im not the only crazy monkey mad lady on the planet lol! My monkeys are cute and funky and Jans are the traditional fun cute type,my theme is Sock Monkey Jungle and Jans theme is Sock Monkey Ranch, even though they are totaly different we both love what we do and we both love eachothers work, i think a friendship has struck open here please meet the two Annies we traded for, i hope to get lots of pictures on mine and my Annies travels, she will be loved dearly :) I think my Annie Oakley will fit in well on the Ranch at Jans place dont you, she was postedin a large box even though shes little just to protect her cowgirl hat lol....i hope Jan loves her !!! x