Saturday, 18 August 2007

Adopt A Sock Monkey

If you would like to Adopt one of my Handmade Sock Monkeys please visit my Sock Monkey Jungle Website visit my web site below click to enter
Sock Monkey Jungle


takinanap said...

hooray for sock monkeys! yours are so fun. how can you part with them? i have mine everyone, and find it impossible to sell one when someone offers to buy it.

Sock Monkey Addict said...

well i know exactly how you feel! i really do love each one i make with all my heart but i would have much too many and not enough room to display them all! My addiction is actualy making/creating them and if i can feel so much love for each one then why not spread the love! I know how happy they make me feel when i hugg them,and everyone needs a hugg now and then,and what better than a cuddly sock monkey! also my purse strings do not stretch to buying all my materials etc so by raising pennies i can keep creating which i love to do,its an addiction! hence having to open my new store where you will find my sock monkeys for sale at reasonable prices.What sock monkey do you own and which is your favourite? God Bless Jan aka(Mommy to a sock munki)x

Joanna Schmidt said...

These are the cutest sock monkeys I have ever seen!

Sock Monkey Jungle said...

Thankyou so very much!! xx