Thursday, 5 February 2009

Diabetics I Found How To Keep Warm Yay!!

I am diabetic and if your diabetic or know someone who is you will know already that the blood circulation in the feet are slow hence us getting very cold feet over the winter! Not just us but probably you too! and if your feet are cold so is the rest of you and thats what iv been suffering from for weeks just NOT being able to get warm!I found these electic plug in feet cosys and thought wow thats just what i need but reading more found out that they are not suitable for diabetics damn! So searched a few days more and found cooler slippers so i thought hey they aint attractive but if they do what it says i need to try these lol i was pretty much cracking up by this time! Oh and was i a a happy bunny lol they are fur lined ankle boot slippers and sooo soft and soooo warm i just LOVE them...infact i love them soooo much i wanted to share lol So if your feet are cold this winter pop over to ebay and order some cooler slippers they are freakin awesome,im going to buy a spare pair for next year too as i am going to wear these out lol! I even sent for some for my son and he loves his...its nice to know your kids are warm and cosy and these sure do their job :) Blue xxx i added links here to two ebay shops that i bought 2 pair from incase you want to browse :O)