Thursday, 5 February 2009

I Love Crafting!

If i didnt craft and all my materials were taken away from me i think i would just crumble lol nothing gives me more enjoyment than a quiet room with background music and all my materials laid before me to begin creating, and boy i can be in that little world for hours lol! I really love what i do,and i love each and every character i create but i also love to look and sometimes buy other peoples crafts too there is some amazing talent out there,it wasnt until i found etsy a few years ago that i was so ignorant to handmade,well not ignorant but i never really gave it a second thought until i found all these wonderful talented people and how much of their heart and soul goes into each item they create,just wonderful ! So i made a sock monkey this week and hope to be strting on my next over the next couple of days and of course i will as always come show you :O) Im also thinking of running a competition soon as i get less busy the last one went well :O) Chat soon! Bluesaphire xx