Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Etsy Sellers That Go That Extra Mile For Customers Beautiful Handmade Cards

Sometimes you travel through shopping sites and yes there are thousands but one in a while you cross a shop that gets your attention,you buy,you recieve,do you go back again?? Werll this little shop owned by hdawnparratt@etsy is one of those shops that i bought and returned numerous times and i guess i will return again too! Heather is not only a lovely lady her work is so unique and well made and her customer service is second to none! Her delightful cards are appreciated by many recievers i know i have proof lol! If you have any special events coming do go look at and if you dont find what you really want Heather does custom orders and can alter some of her cards in your shop to suit your taste,she can also use listed designs she has already and create that special card in the theme/colours you require! Heather treats each customer with devotion and individuality and makes you feel like you are the most imporatnt person to her when she works with you she stresses that she wants to get things just right,why? because she wants to make you happy and do her upmost best at all times so please do stop by,add her to your favourites for later! Heather also posts international too so go peek you wont be dissapointed! For All Your Card Needs
By Bluesaphire My Favourite Shops


hdawnparratt said...

You are so sweet to feature me :) I featured you too, i'm not as good at blogging as you are though can you tell :)

It amazes me the talent on etsy and your monkeys are the best i have seen :)