Thursday, 19 March 2009

I Recieved The Sisterhood Award

I would like to thank hdawnparratt for giving me the sisterhood award.I would also like to thank my family, my friends, the postman,the lord, all craft suppliers and customers oh and my dog lol! * takes a bow * It is so nice to be appreciated for something that I just love to do. Take a peek at Heathers blog she has wonderful things to look at!

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My nominees are:

1. Sunny's Wood'n Gifts
2. Molds By Queenocrete
3. Bundles of Joy
4. wildlifer78

Sunday, 15 March 2009

10 x Mini Thankyou Cards Flowers

Sweet set of hand stamped mini cards blank inside in a funky shaped wavey card with pretty brown inked flowers so sweet and modern thankyou for your view today :)

10 x Mini Thankyou Cards Hedgehogs

A set of 10 little thankyou cards with little hedgegogs ink stamped and lovely wavey edged embossed cards in white such a sweet little set, each card has the words thankyou on them ...cute!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Norman Sock Monkey

Norman is a great Sock Monkey he is made from new socks of brown and cream, he is wearing his hand knitted hat and jacket. He has a wonderful smile and friendly eyes. He is approx 23" in height. He is sewn twice throughout and has the safety eyes. He is just waiting to be loved and owned by someone special , could this be you? Do you know anyone who could love Norman? Thank You for visiting him he is always happy to meet new people!
Visit Noman Click here

Monday, 2 March 2009

Just to let my friends know i have listed quite a few Zoozii Beadpresses on ebay and more they are in auction... i am also listing frits,torch,fireblanket and worktop soon! dont miss the chance to get them cheap!!
Press this link! Beadpresses

Lampwork Bead Press Zoozii Lentil
Lampwork Bead Press Zoozii Triple Hex
Lampwork Bead Press Zoozii Triple Lentil
Lampwork Bead Press Zoozii Kalera Long and Lean
Lampwork Bead Press Zoozii Triple Tile
Lampwork Bead Press Large Lentil
Lampwork Bead Press Puffy Pillow x2 sizes rectangular
Lampwork Bead Press Holder

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sleepy Time Sock Monkey and Friend Unique Easter Gift!

Such a sweet sleepy time sock monkey all ready for bed in her warm fleece pyjamas and hugging her soft fluffy rabbit friend bless them both! approx 15" height with cute brown button eyes and a friendly smile she is wearing a silk flowre behond her ears,clothes are removable and washable on a gentle wash, this adorable pair is waiting for a new adoptive parent do you know anyone?!
Sock Monkey Jungle UK International Postage vailable Just Message Me For A Quote! CLICK HERE

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Make Your Own Sock Monkey With This Easy Step By Step Illustrated Pattern!

Delivered To Your Email !!
International $6.00 no postage costs!
Uk £4.00 no postage costs!
After a lot of deliberation and people asking me over the year * How do you make your Sock Monkeys?" with help from a friend i am now able to present with pride my new Easy to follow step by step guide to help you make your own sock monkey yay! This pattern has photographic step by step easy instructions it really could not be more simple than this! These make fab fun gifts as well as being fun to make you can use them for special personal gift giving yourself or why not make your own unique sock monkey for you to love!? To buy a pattern and view Sock Monkeys on sale too visit these links and lets get going! This pattern has had fabulous reviews and is very easy to use just see my feedbacks! Enjoy! :O)

Sock Monkey Pattern Buy Here and Now International Sock Monkey Jungle!

Sock Monkey Pattern Buy Here and Now United Kingdom Sock Monkey Jungle!

No printer?? I can post this pattern to you just contact me! You can use the pattern straight from your computer screen no need to print but i will post one if you like to work with the pattern at your table just message me! x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Etsy Sellers That Go That Extra Mile For Customers Beautiful Handmade Cards

Sometimes you travel through shopping sites and yes there are thousands but one in a while you cross a shop that gets your attention,you buy,you recieve,do you go back again?? Werll this little shop owned by hdawnparratt@etsy is one of those shops that i bought and returned numerous times and i guess i will return again too! Heather is not only a lovely lady her work is so unique and well made and her customer service is second to none! Her delightful cards are appreciated by many recievers i know i have proof lol! If you have any special events coming do go look at and if you dont find what you really want Heather does custom orders and can alter some of her cards in your shop to suit your taste,she can also use listed designs she has already and create that special card in the theme/colours you require! Heather treats each customer with devotion and individuality and makes you feel like you are the most imporatnt person to her when she works with you she stresses that she wants to get things just right,why? because she wants to make you happy and do her upmost best at all times so please do stop by,add her to your favourites for later! Heather also posts international too so go peek you wont be dissapointed! For All Your Card Needs
By Bluesaphire My Favourite Shops

Sock Monkey Jungle Customer Reviews ! Adopt A Sock Monkey Today!


* Adopt A Sock Monkey
* Sock Monkey Full Kits
* Sock Monkey PDF Pattern
* Handmade Cards
* Service Your Lips Here
* Ipod Camera Phone Cozy
* Monkey Button Pin Badges
* Gift Certificate
* Other Cute Stuff
* 2009 Calendar Sock Monkey

Posted by hdawnparratt, on 11-02-2009 11:58,
1. The best shop ever!!!
These are the best sock monkeys ever! I have seen a few shops with these wonderful creations, and Sock Monkey Jungle is by far the best monkeys I have ever seen!! They are bright, love the colors she uses and her monkeys are just the absolute best around!!! No monkies compare to this shop!!!!
Posted by CindyJoy, on 11-02-2009 02:35,
1. Simply the Best Sock Monkeys Ever!
I think the title says it all. These sock monkeys are marvelous. They each have their own personality and personal style. They have just the right happy, inquisitive expressions on their little faces. Bold, colorful and beautiful, these sock monkeys will make anyone, regardless of age, smile and feel just a little happier for having such a charming creature in their life. The care and detail that goes into each monkey is self evident, and I really can't say enough wonderful things about these monkeys and their kind, sweet creator. Simply marvelous!
Posted by Pixie, on 08-02-2009 12:10,
2. Spreading the Love
These monkeys are truly marvelous, a work of art in their own right. Taken from a basic, original pattern - Bluesaphire has adapted them to make them fun and unique. Truly the best sock monkeys, both in quality, service, and effort put into them, I have ever seen. Each monkey is made with love, and it shows in everything she does. Want a specific look/theme? She can do it. Best of all - She enjoys creating these little pieces of herself, and being able to spread smiles across faces both young and old is a wonderful thing to do. Thank you and well done, I am honored to own a collection myself.

Dream Mist Land - Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Monkeys and More Monkeys Ooooh Ooooh !!!! Fab Gift Ideas!

I invite you to come see my work,if you like monkeys maybe i can tempt you to love some of these guys!
Sock Monkey Jungle Etsy
Sock Monkey Jungle UK